Maddox's Semi-first Haircut.

I have trimmed Maddox's bangs one time before, but lately his hair has gotten a little out of control. His bangs were getting too long and fuzzy on the ends, and the back was starting to look like a mullet.

I didn't want to take him to a barber, because he I am not ready for that. Plus, I was worried they would cut too much off of his precious bangs. Plus, I cut Matt's hair, so I have had practice.

So, I cut it myself. All over. Front, back, and sides.

The back and sides look great, but I took too much off the front. I like his sweet little bangs to be long and shaggy. I was a little bit heartbroken when I had realized I pulled a Delilah and cut the source of Samson's Bubba's cuteness. But it will grow back right?

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Mom said...

He's is still adorable! I was just thinking maybe you could just shave it off and give him a mohawk for the holidays! ;)