10 Months

 Maddox is 10 months old! And more mischievous than ever!
*He is a wonderful napper!
*He has gotten more demanding. When he wants something, he wants it now.
*He can go up the stairs! He never really has had an opportunity since we live in a one-story apartment, but a couple weeks ago we were out in the front yard and he just started climbing up the stairs. So who knows how long he has had that skill.
*He spits (blows a raspberry with his tongue) twenty times a day.
*He has a new tooth! On the bottom left. That's three on the bottom and two on the top.
* It seems like he has a new expression every day. Lately he has developed a fake smile and a fake frown. They are very hard to capture in a picture though.
*He is a speedy little crawler. If he is doing something he shouldn't (eating paper, playing with dirty shoes - two of his many vices) and you walk towards him, he crawls away at top speed. It's pretty funny.
*Still nursing full time, and eating a little bit of finger foods here and there.
*Still puts everything in his mouth. Except food. He will put food into his mouth and chew it a little bit, but then he takes it out and either feeds it to Jasper or squishes it in his fingers. He's a work in progress.
*We are working on waving, but he isn't really picking it up yet.
*He is babbling more and more. He has uttered "mama" and "dada" accidentally. It doesn't really count as a word until he knows what he is saying. It is still nice to hear though.
*He is still as curious and as cute as ever!

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