My First Real Camera

I got a new (to us) "semi-professional" camera a couple weeks ago. I am still very much a beginner, but I have been trying to absorb as much knowledge as I can about digital single lens reflex cameras. See? I know some stuff already! Even if it is just the camera type. Anyways, I hadn't really captured anything I was too proud of yet, so I hadn't gotten around to sharing any pictures. But here are a few that I think are decent - for a beginner. I still have a loooong ways to go.

This one is just a candid shot, but they both look so cute! It wasn't posed, but I think Matt looks like he could be in a Gap ad. I may be biased.

Standing Man.

I am so angry!!! This shot would have been gorgeous but I could not get Maddox to look up at me! But I know it would have been just perfect.

I wasn't able to get anything terrific, Madman isn't the most cooperative subject. But isn't this a fun location? It's a little area with concrete boats for kids to sit/climb/play on. Right by the harbor. It has a lot of possibilities. Maybe next time.

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Mom said...

You have two gorgeous men in your life! Nice pics....