Avacados, Bananas and Constipation - The Real ABC's of Solid Foods

Maddox has graduated to "real" food! We basically skipped purees (he would occassionaly eat a bite or two, but wasn't really liking it), and we have been giving him whole finger foods this week. He is just loving feeding himself! He has eaten: bananas (his favorite), avacado, corn, cooked carrots, pasta. He isn't a pro yet, but he is getting better each time. I was suprised how well he did the first night, like he had been waiting for real food all along.

Solid food hasn't come without it's share of complications, however. Maddox didn't poop for one whole week. One week of consuming 5 ounces of breastmilk every 3-4 hours plus some solid food here and there and none of it making out the other end. It was the bananas. He was scarfing them down, and I wasn't thinking. We ended up going to the doctor after 5 days, they said that so far he was doing fine (no fever, no vomitting) and they could hear bowel sounds in his tummy. So we took him home.

I am happy to announce that today he has pooped three times so far, and that was all before noon. We will see what the afternoon has in store for us, but it's bound to be unpleasant, at least for yours truly. Maddox, I am sure, is enjoying the relief.

These pictures aren't really relevant, but I didn't want to leave you without a recent picture of the cutest little boy in the world.
*These were taken on my new camera*

This one would have been awesome if his face was just a little bit more to the left, so that huge bar wasn't going through his eye. I am a work in progress!


Grandma Kathy said...

He is adorable! Glad to hear the system is working again! Love you...

Maria said...

Avocados are a wonderful food! Greta ate those pretty every day for about 3 months... and then got tired of them :) I bet Maddox will get over some of those constipation issues once he learns how to drink water. The sippy cup took awhile to learn, but Greta picked up right away on the straw. But what was easiest for me was to simply let her drink out of my cup. I just gave her water 'til she was one because cow's milk can produce constipation... and who needs all those sugary juices? :)