The Days are Numbered.

I read a blog today about not taking your children for granted. I also read this quote: "for a young mother, the days are long but the years are short". They both really resonated with me.
Very often, I find myself thinking that these days, when my babies are young, will be the best days of my life. Rocking my sweet little boy in my arms, smelling freshly washed hair after his bath, feeling his soft skin, holding his chubby little hands. The ease of his laughter, his adoring smiles, and screams of delight. Sharing every boo boo, every discovery, every new thrill, every memory. Being depended on for kisses, cuddles, milk, bed time songs, baths, entertainment. Wiping boogers, wiping bottoms, wiping tears. These days are the ones I will cherish. These days are the ones I will long for in 10, 15, 20 years. When my children are grown, I will long to hold them in my arms. I will long for the sweet trill of a baby's laugh, I will long to kiss their cheeks and hold their hands. I will long for the days gone by.
As our family grows, I will remember that these early days are numbered. Once they are gone, only memories will remain. And if I don't make them count, it might not be good enough.

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