Who said Grass isn't Good for Digestion?

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately! Not too much has been happening! It has been so hot today, I finally broke down and bought a BEAST of an air conditioner. 15,000 BTU's. It's like the semi-truck of air conditioners. It's all brawn, no brains (if there were such things as air conditioners with brains . . .) and definitely no good looks. But I am hoping it can get the job done.

Maddox is getting so close to crawling! He can get up on his hands and knees, and then he rocks. I bet he will be crawling within a month.
He has two bottom teeth! He is such a big boy. He has been chewing like crazy, but no fussiness!

For the 4th of July we didn't really do much to celebrate, but we did go to the fireworks. Maddox was entranced. He wasn't scared at all. He loved the bright lights and didn't seem to notice the noise.

Whenever we are outside, Maddox is obsessed with eating grass. I snapped these photos of him a couple days ago (with Grandpa and Grandma Becker's nice camera).

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is beautiful boy! Lynette