A Round of Applause

I took Maddox to get professional pictures taken for his 6 month milestone. We went to a cheap portrait studio for his newborn pictures, and I hated it. The pictures were not good, she didn't "capture" Maddox's newborn sweetness. So, I decided I wasn't doing that again. Instead, I took him to a photographer in Humboldt. Here is just a taste of what we did:
My personal fave
 This one makes me chuckle.
 Matt's fave.

I think they turned out pretty good! We haven't seen all of them yet, but I am sure we will be ordering one to proudly display on our wall. Let's give a round of applause to Insite Creatives!

Speaking of which . . .
Maddox has acquired a new skill, he can now clap on demand! He hasn't mastered it yet, but I am amazed that he picked it up so early!

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Tara said...

Those pictures are just waaaay too cute! I love them! He looks so grown up and handsome!