Stanley Cup

Last week the Blackhawks (Chicago hockey team) won the Stanley Cup! It's kinda neat, there is only one actual trophy, they don't make a new cup each year. Whoever wins the cup gets it for one year, then it is passed to the next winner the next season. So the actual Stanley Cup has been around a long time! Chicago hasn't had it for 49 years, so it was very exciting! We went downtown to see the welcome home parade. Maddox even wore his Hawks onesie.
We were able to watch the parade from daddy's building. He came down from his office to watch it with us! That's his coworker, Jim, in the background. He started the same time as Matt!
Here's a video I took of the parade. You can see the cup at the very end. There were so many people and so much ticker tape. It was crazy! I am glad we went.

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