5 Months!

Maddox is 5 months old! Every month I say it, but the time is going by so fast! I am so looking forward to each new milestones like sitting up, crawling, walking, talking etc, but I keep reminding myself to just enjoy each moment. Once he has reached a new milestone, I miss the time before. He is just changing before my eyes!
Here are his newest developments:
Isn't that the cutest/funniest thing you ever saw? He loves to blow raspberries now. He first did this about a month ago, but is now doing it all the time. Especially when he is frustrated!
And his second development:
He can officially roll over! He had rolled over a couple times by accident before this, but now can roll over of his own accord! It is so cute! He rolled from his back to his tummy first, which is a harder. But I think Maddox will always be the kind of guy who takes the hard road! Hopefully he will be rolling the other way within a few days.

He is getting so big, and is such a joy. I absolutely love being a mother and I have the most precious little boy to share the experience with. I feel so blessed!

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marism said...

Awww! He is such a dear boy. Mothering definitely has its moments, doesn't it? You're a great momma, Linds :)