19 Weeks

Maddox is 19 weeks old TODAY! It's been awhile since I actually updated on his actual weekly birthdays (Tuesdays). I am planning on taking a weekly picture every week for the first year, that's a pretty hefty goal! But it will be nice to have the first 52 weeks of his life to flip through in a little album. Hopefully I will keep it up with my other babies too!
He has slowed down in weight gain. He wore this shirt to his 2 month check up (where he weighed 16 pounds) and he is still wearing it at 4 months (now 18 pounds). He is actually just beginning to thin out (just a little!).
 We have really been working on sitting up this week. He can stay up for short amounts of time all by himself, and if I put a pillow behind him, he can sit up longer. He was sitting up on his own in both of these!

Although he has thinned out, his thighs are too big for his Bumbo! We have to wedge him in. But until he can sit up on his own (hopefully within a month) we still have to use it. Here he is. Check out the thighs.
We were trying to eat dinner and he was getting a little fussy, so I gave him a little piece of cantaloupe, with the peel still on so he could hold it. He loved it! Here's a little video just so you can get an idea.
His newest discovery this week: his FEET! This week he has officially found his feet. He loves to grab them, especially during diaper changes. (It was hard to get on camera!)

Just one other photo from this week that I love. His shirt says "World Peas" and the peace sign is made from little peas. Too cute.

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