4 Months Old!

Maddox turned 4 months old last Thursday, on Earth Day and my 24th birthday! To celebrate, we decided to try out some rice cereal for the first time. He did really well! It only took a few bites before he got the hang of it. I think we will continue to give it to him occasionally just so he gets used to it. Since pediatricians are recommending starting solids later (they used to recommend between 4-6 months, and now they are saying 6 months) we aren't in any rush to start other foods just yet. But, when we do start, I am planning on making all of his baby food myself. It will be a fun little adventure!



Trying to squeeze my fingers in with the spoon.

I am more interested in this cool bib . . .

I think I ate too much.

Here's a little video of the action.

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Grandma Kathy said...

He is so sweet!~ I'm glad he took to eating the cereal so well! I know he's been watching while other people are eating! Love you all so much!! Take Care