15 Weeks

Little Madman is 15 weeks old! Before I know it, he will be starting kindergarten!
*This week we have been working on rolling over. We still have a long ways to go, but he is really trying! Just needs a little bit more muscle tone.
 *He is getting better at grabbing things. His little fingers are always wrapped in my hair or around my necklace or onto my shirt.
*He is such a couch potato! Whenever its on, his eyes are glued to the television. We have been trying to limit the time it's on when he is awake.
When Maddox gets a little fussy, Daddy likes to put him on his shoulders. It makes me very nervous! But the little man seems to enjoy the vantage point. Matt usually ends up with a fair amount of drool in his hair. But it hardens like hair gel. Bonus! No more spending money on frivolous hair products!
I just love being his mama so much! He is so perfect and sweet, I can't wait to have more babies. I used to think I wanted three kids, but Maddox makes me want a whole house full! I think Matt would go for four. I wonder how he would feel about six or seven . . .

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