Baby Maddox meets Baby Beluga

We took Maddox for his first trip to the aquarium today! We made sure he got a look at the belugas (our favorite) and we saw the new "Fantasea" show, which showcases the dolphins, belugas, and penguins. His attention span didn't last too long, so weren't there more than about an hour, but it was still fun to get out of the house and take Maddox for a little adventure. He also had his first ride on the bus! He was a little fussy on the way down, but slept on the ride back (30 min each way).
Note: His hair always comes out red in pictures because of the lighting. The bottom picture is the color his hair actually is. Kind of a blondish.

Mommy and Maddox by the Fish
Maddox looking at the fish
Maddox and the Belugas


Kathy said...

What a nice picture of you Lindsey! What fun to take him to the Aquariam! Someday he will really love going there.

Jamie said...

You do look great Lindsey! I just love his chubby cheeks.