6 Weeks

Maddox was 6 weeks old on Tuesday. He is growing up so fast! He definitely isn't a newborn anymore. He is so good with his head/neck. He can mostly hold it up on his own. He does get tired after a little while, then it will get a little floppy again. He is also getting better controlling his hands. He can't quite grasp a toy yet, but he can get his fists in his mouth, which frustrates him pretty quickly once he realizes it wasn't quite what he wanted.
His sight is pretty good now too (as far as I can tell). He focuses on things a little farther away, and will watch me walk around the room.


The past couple nights he has been such a good baby. He has been sleeping in good 4-5 hour chunks during the night, and been really awake during the day. I have been trying to establish a good bedtime routine, and so far it seems to be working. I am really hoping that will continue!

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