1 Month and 5 Weeks

Maddox turned one month old on Friday, a big milestone! We went out for lunch with my friend Malary to celebrate. Maddox was a perfect angel the whole time.
Yesterday, he turned 5 weeks old. And he now weighs 13 pounds. Big boy!

He has changed so much this past week or so. He has really seemed to wake up. He has become much more aware of his surroundings. I have started to see recognition in his face when I pick him up, and I can get him to smile at me more frequently. He has become much more verbal this week as well. He "talks" all the time when I am holding him. Sometimes if I haven't been looking at him for a little bit, he will start talking, and I swear he is trying to get my attention. He is just the sweetest baby. He never cries when getting his diaper changed, putting clothes on, or getting out of the bath. He only cries if he is hungry, and sometimes he can be a little fussy at night. Other than that, he is just perfect.


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