What's in a Name?

We finally revealed Baby Boy's name. We had been planning on waiting until he was born, but we got caught up in all the baby shower excitement (by "we" I mean me) and the fact that his birthday is getting nearer, and decided to spill the beans. So, in December we will be welcoming into our little family:


He will have the same initials as his daddy and even a similar sounding first name, which I really like. We wanted a name that would be unique but not unheard of. While the name Maddox is growing in popularity, I am confident that babies with that name will be few and far between.

Possible Nicknames or shortened versions: Mad, Max, Maddy (a little too girly), Madman
Possible Nicknames that I wouldn't use: Mad Dog, Ox

I liked this name the first time I heard it, and Matt loved it the moment I mentioned it. We have referred to the baby by this name since week 20, and are hopeful that most of our friends and family will share the same enthusiasm!

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Grandma and Grandpa Becker said...

Grandpa and Grandma Becker just love the name Maddox Fred Becker. We can't wait to see his beautiful face and hold him. Love u