Doctors Visit at 32 Weeks and 3 Days

Yesterday I saw Dr. Belmonte. She was very nice! Not too much to report, everything still looks good. Heart beat was good, growth was good, and I have been feeling pretty good! I got my regular flu shot a few weeks ago, and I am planning on getting the H1N1 shot this weekend in Fort Dodge. Otherwise, I can get one at my doctor's office. Pregnant women are at the top of the list, so people keep telling me I need to get one! I am hoping Matt will be able to get one as well. Not as important right now, but once the baby is here I don't want him to catch it from someone on the bus and then bring it home to a vulnerable little newborn. People who live with children under 6 months are on the priority list as well, so I am hoping that we can find a place where they will give him one.
On another note, we finally have Dr. Friedell's delivery/prenatal care fee paid for! It feels good not to have that hanging over our heads anymore. Now all we have to worry about are the bills from our stay at the hospital, but we should have that taken care of pretty soon as well. Just 7 more weeks until Baby Boy's birthday!

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