Boy or Girl?

I have been really curious lately what the gender of the baby is, so I thought I would compile all the "old wives" sayings into one bundle of gender prediction. We will find out the sex in two more weeks, but I am getting anxious! I put a star by the ones I thought held the most truth.

Prone to headaches: Yes. BOY
*Cravings: Sweet things mostly. GIRL
Hair Growth (especially on legs): faster. BOY
*Heart rate: 154. GIRL
Morning sickness: Light. BOY
Body temperature: seems the same. GIRL
Carrying: low low low, so far. BOY
Emotional: Yes. GIRL
Dry skin: yes. BOY
Dad gaining weight: No. GIRL
String Test (hang a string over your wrist or belly if it spins in circles, its a girl, if it makes a strait line then its a boy): BOY
Chinese Lunar Calendar: GIRL
*Areas of Weight Gain: all tummy so far. BOY
*Mother's "feelings" are said to be correct 75% of the time: I think GIRL. But its still early!

There are tons more that I left out, obviously they can't all be accurate. Plus I am only half way done (almost!) so some of these could change. But the ones that I have heard of as being more accurate lean towards girl. I guess we will see! I am still leaning towards girl.

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